Lanton Estate Farm

Crookhouse cottages sit within the Lanton Estate, a working farm with livestock who roam the fields surrounding the cottages.

Cattle - "Lanton Luings"

At Lanton we run a three hundred (ish) Luing and Sim Luing herd. Seeking to offset feed, management and building costs, the Luing cow is guaranteed a great investment here at Lanton. Luings are an extremely hardy, efficient, and fertile cow, they are well known for their ability to thrive off grass and adverse weather with good feet and strong bones. Here at Lanton we use the winning combination of crossing Luing cows with a Simental bull.

The idea behind the “Sim- Luing” is to produce an easy going, low maintenance and economical cow. We find the Sim Luings are extremely efficient at converting grass and therefore keeping feeding costs to a minimum, they are also very reliable when it comes to producing and rearing a calf each year with plenty of milk. With these valuable traits and carbon efficiencies, these cows offer an increased profitability and suitability within the present climate.


The horse department at Lanton is a very busy highly driven yard of approximately 30 horses. Young sport horses are sourced from Ireland (usually) produced and sold with potential in Eventing. The odd one or two are kept for high level competition. Along with this we have an increasing field of point-to-point horses in training. National hunt bred foals are purchased from Goffs or Tattersalls and are represented there as three-year-olds. We do have our own broodmares whose offspring are retained to point to point or if good enough to run under rules. There is also a collection of old friends running around, horses we have all had plenty of fun with over the years and are now enjoying a well-earned retirement.